Understanding Contempt of Court in Georgia, Consequences, and Enforcement

Explore what constitutes contempt of court in Georgia, the penalties for non-compliance, and the legal measures available to enforce court orders. From minor disruptions to serious violations, understand the implications and processes involved in ensuring adherence to judicial directives. Stay informed with expert insights on legal enforcement strategies.

Episode 42- Judge Alvin T. Wong, Georgia’s First Asian American Judge and Legal Pioneer

In Episode 42 of the "See You In Court" podcast, we are honored to have Judge Alvin T. Wong, Georgia's first Asian American judge. Join us as he shares his remarkable journey from Hong Kong to the DeKalb County State Court, insights into the jury system, and the significance of a diverse bench. Don't miss this engaging discussion on the foundations of the Georgia justice system!

An Introduction to Georgia’s Business Court and the GA Court System

In August 2020, Georgia launched its new Statewide Business Court (SBC), a specialized forum designed to efficiently handle complex commercial litigation cases. The court shares some similarities with Delaware’s Complex Commercial Litigation Division (CCLD) but has its own unique features for Georgia’s business community within the Georgia Court System. The SBC Opens Its Doors The...

Understanding Your Civil Rights in Georgia for Freedom and Equality

Civil rights form a major part of democracy in the United States, embodying the essential rights to political and social freedom and equality. These rights protect individuals from discrimination and persecution on various grounds such as race, religion, gender, disability, and more. While everyone in the United States benefits from these fundamental rights, each state,...