Episode 40 – In Conversation With McCracken Poston, Jr., Author Of “Zenith Man”

March 22, 2024by See You In Court

Episode 40 – In Conversation With McCracken Poston, Jr., Author Of “Zenith Man” | See You In Court Podcast


This episode of See You In Court Podcast features Robin Frazer Clark and Lester Tate interviewing McCracken Poston Jr., a Georgia trial lawyer and author of a new book titled “Zenith Man: Death, Love and Redemption in a Georgia Courtroom”.

McCracken Poston Jr. discusses his experience representing Alvin Ridley, a man accused of murdering his wife. The conversation dives into the complexities of the case, including Alvin’s difficult personality and challenges McCracken faced throughout the trial. McCracken also reveals his personal struggles while dealing with the case and how it prompted him to write the book.

McCracken “Ken” Poston, Jr. is a Georgia trial lawyer, practicing criminal defense in Ringgold, Georgia. He is a former 4 term legislator in the Georgia House of Representatives. He is a graduate of the The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and is a 1985 graduate of The University of Georgia School of Law. He has practiced law for 39 years in Georgia. He gained national attention for his handling of several notable cases that were featured on CNN Presents, Dateline NBC, A&E’s American Justice and Forensic Files. Ken’s new book “Zenith Man: Death, Love and Redemption in a Georgia Courtroom” tells the tale of Alvin Ridley, accused of murdering his wife, and Ken’s courtroom battle for Justice for Alvin.


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